About The Crows Knot

About The Crows Knot

Welcome to my shop! This is he second incarnation of my shop, as I have had an Etsy shop since August  2017.  Having my own ‘place’ here, I have more room for creativity, and it allows me to keep prices lower for everyone.

I started down the path to my crafting addictions in 2010, when I started hand-embroidering altar cloths, tarot bags, and making my own jewelry. There were so many things that I wanted but I could never find exactly what I was looking for that was also within my budget. Since I have always loved hand embroidery and jewelry making, so I started making the items that I wanted, just for myself. Over time, people started asking me where I’d gotten those intricately embroidered altar cloths, or the pretty necklaces and ankle bracelets that I would wear, so I opened my own online shop.

Ever since then, I’ve believed in never charging more than I would pay for an item, regardless of the cost.

And I’ve got to admit, I love doing embroidery – especially runes! – and I love being able to create items that customers love. While I still love – and do! - hand embroidery, the size of the projects and to keep up with customer demand, I decided to expand to machine embroidery in 2018. I now own two single needle embroidery machines, which I love to use to create the ever-expanding variety of designs that you will find in my shop. While many of the machine embroidered designs were created by me -and some other machine designs were originally created/digitized by other talented designers – all machine embroidered designs that you’ll see on the items in my shop have been embroidered by me on my machines. There is no drop-shipping in my shop. All items are either in inventory ‘on hand’ or will be made within the next day. Likewise, if you like a particular design, but you do not see it in my product list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me – I’d love to make something just for you! Custom orders do not necessarily mean higher costs.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy my shop! If I can help with anything, do not hesitate to reach out to me for all your embroidery needs 😊