4 Elements * Pagan Altar Tin

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This lovely portable Elemental Pagan travel altar is equipped with everything you need -- all packed into a matte black Altoid sized tin!

Each altar tin includes :

*One (1) embroidered altar cloth made of 100% cotton fabric, measuring approximately 8" x 8" inches square, in your choice of black or purple featuring an interwoven pentacle - machine embroidered in variegated poly-cotton threads.

* To represent the Element of Air, one (1) genuine bird feather, measuring approximately 2.75 to 3.5 inches long

*To represent the Element of Earth, 1 to 3 semi-precious crystal gemstones. [Shown here are one black obsidian, one rose quartz, and one clear quartz point]

* To represent the Element of Fire, this kit includes one (1) tealight candle (purple), of unscented wax with a cotton wick.

*To represent the Element of Water, one (1) small seashell, which I personally collected from Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

* To represent the Element of Spirit, one (1) silverplated crescent moon and pentacle charm

* Two (2) cones of incense (Hem's brand Sandalwood scent)

* One (1) metal incense cone holder/tray

* Four (4) Diamond green tip wooden stick matches

Note: This is made in a small tin so everything inside is quite small, however, it is filled to the brim while still closing securely.


This item can be customized/I offer other options. If there's something that you'd like to be included in your tin that you don't see here, please message me -- I'd love to make something just for you!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!