COEXIST Embroidered Iron-On Patch * Interfaith * Original 7 Symbols!

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Here's a fun iron-on patch for your hat, jacket, bag, or whatever you like!

This iron-on patch is made of 100% cotton heavyweight black fabric, featuring a rectangular box machine embroidered in blue poly-cotton thread, with the word 'Coexist' stitched in the center in silver poly-cotton thread.

Each letter of the word 'Coexist' represents a spiritual/social symbol, for a total of 7 symbols, including: 

C - A crescent moon with a star is commonly understood to represent Islam; but the moon and star symbol can also be associated with Diana, a Greek Moon Goddess of ancient times.

 O - represents the symbol for 'peace'

e - represented by the original e-quality 'e'.   A male and a female symbol are attached to the letter e to represent equality between the sexes.

X - is representing the Jewish Star of David.

i - The dot on the 'i' represents the Pagan / Wiccan Pentacle / Pentagram.

- represents the Taoist yin yang symbol

- represents the cross commonly associated with Christianity


* This patch measures approximately 1" inch high and 4" inches wide. 

*Patch will arrive with the peel-off paper backing still attached to the back, with directions for application

*Ad is for the Coexist patch only - hat and Magic 8 Ball are for display purposes only and are not for sale :)

Thanks for looking and have a great day!