Embroidered Altar Cloth * World Tree* Yggdrasil* Runes* Heathen*Asatru*Pagan* Tree of Life

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*This altar cloth/wrap features an intricate depiction of the World Tree machine-embroidered in the center of the cloth, bordered by all 24 Elder Futhark runes.

* Made of 100% pre-shrunk colorfast cotton in grey, this cloth measures approximately 20" by 20" inches.

*The World Tree measures approximately 3.0" by 3.5" inches, stitched in medium green poly-cotton thread, while the border of Elder Futhark runes measures approximately 11" inches by 9" inches; the runes are stitched in black poly-cotton thread.

* The edges of this cloth are also double hemmed - to prevent fraying.

*Fully machine washable and dryable.

This cloth would make a lovely gift for someone special - or even as a lovely gift for yourself!

*Tip: This cloth can also serve as a useful 'gift wrap' for small or unusually-shaped items- which can be a unique addition to an (already) thoughtful gift!