Hand-Carved Elder Futhark Runes

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This is a 24 piece set of Elder Futhark runes

* Each rune measures approximately 1.25 by 1 inch.

* These runes have been hand-carved (by me) onto ash wood oval blanks with a hand chisel, and sanded.

* Runes arrive to you *unsealed* -which means that they have not been 'blooded', painted, or varnished in any way. Though I have 'galdr'd' (ritually chanted the rune sound/name over each rune) while I carved each rune, the final step of 'sealing' the runes is intended to charge them energetically to you, the user.

* These runes arrive in a sturdy cotton muslin bag, with a double drawstring closure.


Please see my auction for *an embroidered rune bag* if you'd prefer something less plain - I'd be happy to custom-embroider a rune bag just for you - or you can choose from several designs, such as:

*World Tree/Yggdrasil*

*Glory Twig*

* Two Ravens*

*Triple Horn*


*Urnes Snakes*