Hand Embroidered Elemental Pentacles

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Hand-embroidered cloth featuring four pentacles, each representing one of the Four Elements

* Water: A pentacle of flowing waves and water droplets in ombre blues
* Air: A pentacle swirling with white and palest blues
* Fire: A pentacle set alight in flames of ombre oranges/yellows
*Earth: A pentacle of sprouting leaves of greens, yellows and brown.

- This cloth is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, in black. 

- Each pentacle design is stitched in various cotton/polyester blend threads - in solids and ombres of blue, green, orange, yellow and white.

- This cloth measures approximately 22 x 22 inches square, with double hemmed finished edges.

- Machine washable and dryable.

Tip: This cloth can serve as a useful 'gift wrap' for small or unusually-shaped items- which can be a unique addition to an (already) thoughtful gift!

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