Iron-on Vegvisir Rune Circle Patch

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This iron-on patch is made of 100% cotton heavyweight denim fabric, featuring a machine embroidered Vegvisir surrounded by a circle of Elder Futhark runes in your choice of 5 colors:

*Silver (Silver grey)

* Blue (blue, and white)

* Red (red, and white)

* Rainbow (red, yellow, green, blue, and white)

* Flame (orange, yellow, and white)

* The Vegvisir is also known as 'the runic compass' - a protective runic stave symbol found in the Galdrabok, a 17th-century Icelandic grimoire, where it is written that this symbol would ensure its wearer would never be lost while traveling as well as have the ability to always find their way home.

* Patch measures approximately 3.5" inches (8.89 cm) in height/width

*Patch will arrive with the peel-off paper backing still attached to the back, with directions for application

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