Laufey Necklace

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This necklace was designed in honor of Norse Goddess Laufey, mother of the Norse God, Loki.

•This lovely necklace consists of beads of genuine green kyanite and genuine carnelian alternating with honey pine wood, separated by silverplated lantern bead spacers, and strung on sturdy 19-strand Beadalon wire, fastened with a silverplated barrel clasp.

•This necklace is comfortable 18 inches long, not including the clasp.

•This necklace’s symmetrical design features a focal point of three 6mm carnelian beads, flanked by 4mm green kyanite beads and 6mm honey pine beads - separated into three bead segments by sterling silver plated bead spacers -along with six more 6mm carnelian beads interspersed throughout the design.

•This necklace would serve as a lovely devotional piece for anyone dedicated to Laufey, another Earth Goddess, or even Loki Himself.


I chose deep red-orange carnelian beads as a focal point in this piece, as carnelian is a gemstone often associated with inner fire, sexuality, and the root chakra. Carnelian is also a gemstone that I’ve long associated with Loki’s passionate nature.

I chose the combination of green kyanite and warm honey pine to represent Laufey, Goddess of the Leafy Isle. Green kyanite in particular is considered by some to be a calming, spiritually grounding stone, said to balance one’s heart chakra, as well as enhancing connection with the inner, spiritual self.

I was inspired to feature the honey pine beads in a reference to one of Her names - Nál (Old Norse ‘needle’ according to the late 14th century saga, Sörla þáttr ) - which has led me to associate Laufey with trees, especially evergreen/pine trees.


Ships in 1-2 business days after you make your order. The necklace arrives in an attractive gift bag, and if you would like me to include a note, please provide the details in the comment box when you checkout.


To keep your necklace beautiful, please remove it before swimming or showering/bathing. Keep away from soaps, chemicals, perfumes, lotions, and cosmetics. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.

Thanks for Looking! <3

There is also a matching bracelet for this necklace, sold separately