Embroidered Altar Cloth * Odin* All Father * Heathen * Asatru * Pagan

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*This lovely altar cloth/wrap features a striking depiction of the Norse God Odin on his throne, flanked by his wolves Geri and Freki, and his ravens, Huginn and Muninn. This central design measures approximately 6" inches by 8" inches, machine embroidered in poly-cotton threads in medium blue, navy blue, and storm grey. 

*As well, the triple horn motif - measuring approximately 2.0" by 2.0" inches - is machine embroidered at each corner, in storm grey poly-cotton.

* Made of 100% pre-shrunk colorfast cotton in slate blue, this altar cloth measures approximately 20" by 20" inches.

* The edges of this cloth are also double hemmed - to prevent fraying.

*Fully machine washable and dryable.

This cloth would make a lovely gift for someone special - or even as a lovely gift for yourself!

*Tip: This cloth can also serve as a useful 'gift wrap' for small or unusually-shaped items- which can be a unique addition to an (already) thoughtful gift!