Medium Rainbow Urnes Snake Tarot/Rune Bag - Black

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Machine-embroidered cotton muslin bag for holding runes, charms, dice, or even a standard size deck of Tarot cards!

Perfect for small gifts!

* This 100% cotton tarot/rune bag features a machine-embroidered design that incorporates a rather modern day Lokean symbol - the Urnes Snake - with the LGBTQIA Pride rainbow flag

* This sturdy bag is made of 100% cotton muslin, in black; also lined inside with 100% cotton muslin as well.

* Bag measures approximately 6.25 inches long and approximately 5.0 inches wide - roomy enough to hold a standard sized tarot deck or a full set of 24 runes.

* Bag closes securely with a double drawstring 2.5mm black satin cord.

Please note: the colorful Wild UnknownTarot deck (by artist Kim Krans) and Futhark runes featured in the photos are for display purposes only and are not for sale.


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