Red Snaptun Loki Tarot/Rune Bag

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* Bag is made of sturdy pre-washed 100% cotton, in red.

*Front design features a depiction of the Snaptun Stone by M. Barron, machine-embroidered with a 50-50
cotton-polyester blend thread, in black.

* Reverse side features 'LOKI' spelled out in Elder Futhark runes, in black, accented by a small flame beneath the runes, machine-embroidered with a 50-50 cotton polyester thread in ombre tones of orange, yellow, and white.

*Lined in red cotton fabric, with a double drawstring closure of 3mm black satin cord, this bag would be perfect for holding runes, charms, dice, or even a standard deck of tarot cards!

*Bag measures approximately 6 inches wide by 8 inches long.

- This bag would make a perfect gift for the Lokean in your life - or perhaps, a delightful treat for yourself!


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