Urnes Snake Altar Cloth

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The Urnes Snakes is a motif commonly associated with Loki by modern day devotees.

The Urnes Snakes consists of two interlaced S-shaped snakes – based upon the animorphic designs found upon many Scandinavian artifacts created between the late 8th and 12th centuries in and around Uppsala, Sweden. The Urnes Snakes feature prominently in a mural on the north portal wall of the Urnes Stave Church in Ørsnes, Norway. The church was built around 1130 or shortly thereafter, and still stands in its original location; it is believed to be the oldest of its kind. It provides a link between Christian architecture and the architecture and artforms of the Viking Age.

-Altar cloth is made of 100% cotton fabric, in green, with machine embroidered motifs in shimmering gold thread.

-The Urnes design of two intertwined snakes is machine embroidered in the center with 50/50 poly/cotton gold thread, measuring 3.0 by 5.0 inches (7.62 cm x 12.7 cm)

- As well, an elegant scroll motif is machine embroidered in gold at each corner block, measuring 1.5 by 2.5 inches (3.81cm x 6.35cm)

- Overall, this cloth measures approximately 20 inches by 20 inches 

-The edges of this cloth are also double hemmed - to prevent fraying, and the cloth is fully machine washable and dryable.

-This cloth would make a lovely gift for someone special - especially a Lokean - or even as a lovely gift for yourself!

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